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Caribbean Island Paradise

Many Jimmy Buffett fans believe that paradise, Margaritaville and Key West are pretty much the same, but for Buffett his Margaritaville is "less a place than a state of mind. "

When asked where Margaritaville is Jimmy Buffett answers,

"When you are there, you will know it."

Margaritaville label
The back label on the Margaritaville Tequila Oro bottle suggests that Margaritaville is in the tropics. "Somewhere between the Port of Indecision and Southwest of Disorder,"

The makers of Margaritaville Tequila Oro seem to agree with Jimmy Buffet about Margaritaville being a state of mind. In addition to having no specific degree of latitude or longitude, their Margaritaville must have palm trees, ocean breezes, island music, a beach and a thatch roof bar on the shore by a turquoise sea. There also has to be lots of lies and stories and it all should blend together like tequila, salt and limes.

Most folks living in or visiting the tropical Florida Keys believe they have found that Margaritaville state of mind and experienced that change of attitude that Jimmy Buffett sings about. Since the Florida Keys has 42 bridges and 142 miles of roadway connecting the Keys' archipeligo of islands it's pretty easy to find an island paradise one can call Margaritaville.

For a list of hotels, resorts and accommodations for families visiting the Florida Keys and Keys West see Family Accommodations.


To learn about a Premier Resort for families with "Conch Houses" read below :


Florida's Caribbean Island in the Keys

Here in the Florida Keys paradise is found. A house on the water with West Indian-style architecture on a private resort island in the heart of the Florida Keys. Sixty acres of tropical plantings and Caribbean plantation flavor, but with all the amenities of Hawk's Cay, the premier destination resort of the Florida Keys.

A perfect getaway for those that want to do it all or do nothing.

Sit on your verandah and enjoy sapphire skies and turquoise Caribbean waters or spend the day at the resort with the kids at the pool. Enroll the children in the resort's activity program and read that book you've been wanting to finish.

Adults have their own private pool offering peace and tranquility. Sun yourself and take in spectacular views of America's Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Swim in the sparkling blue water lagoon and taste the salt of the Gulf Stream.

Vacation on a Caribbean Island in the Heart of the Florida Keys, and stay in the best of Caribbean-style resorts. Choose from the resorts Inn accommodations or vacation villa conch houses with waterfront settings, shady porches and white picket fence charm.

Two tropical bedrooms with baths, kitchen, dining, living areas plus amenities of Hawk's Cay, a deluxe destination resort in the Florida Keys with fine restaurants.

Salt water lagoon ringed by a white Florida Keys sandy beach, four swimming pools, fishing, snorkeling, dive instruction, reef trips, tennis, kid's program, dolphin encounter, para-sailing, kayaking, boat rentals and ecotours. Access to golf at Sombrero Country Club. Plenty of things to do on site and nearby.

After the days activities have cocktails on the verandah while kids fish off the dock.





Hawk's Cay Resort's villas have become very popular in the last five years with vacationing families.

Select Duck Key below to find rates and availability.




More About Paradise

Found off Hawk's Cay Resort and the Island of Duck Key in 10 feet of water, this silver "Pillar dollar" derives its name from columns or pillars shown either side of a shield. Pillars symbolize Gibraltar and the Pyrenees Mountains, the pillars of Spain. This coin and gold coins of the 1715 fleet may be seen at All That Glitters Jewelers located at Duck Key Plaza.

Paradise Found -Visitors to Hawk's Cay Resort quickly realize the prize they've found upon arriving at the resort and the Island of Duck Key.

One of the first recorded visitors to this area, William Gerard de Brahm, in a guide to mariners published in The Atlantic Pilot in 1772 described the waters off of Duck Key in words fit for paradise.

"Approaching Hawk Channel, the water gradually changes from the stream's deep blue to a beautiful sea green and at last into milk-white. The surroundings under the blue coloured water are a fine white marl with sponge, coral and tortoise-grass."

Most all would agree Duck Key is a treasure. A resort brochure describes Duck Key as a place of

"swaying palms and landscaping reminiscent of a grand Caribbean plantation. An atmosphere as enticing as a soft breeze off the water. Once you've experienced Florida's Caribbean Island, you'll find that no other . . . spot will do."

Is there real buried Spanish treasure on Duck Key? In 1903 the island came into the possession of the Curry family, who were early settlers of the Keys. A letter appearing in the Key West Citizen on September 4, 1966, written by Kingman G. Curry states:

" Editor, The Citizen: Approximately 65 years ago my father, the late Charles J. Curry, was the owner of Duck Key, Florida, at which time my grandmother, Mrs. Charlotte Gould, my uncle Percy Gould, my mother and myself lived there. It was with great difficulty that he constructed a house at that place owing to the fact that everything shipped there from Key West had to be shipped in a sailing vessel . . . "

Hearing on the radio of a sunken treasure ship being discovered just off Duck Key by skin divers, Mr. Curry wrote further:

"All of this brought to mind . . . my father and uncle, it seemed to me, were forever digging on the land for hidden treasures, which according to a map they held, showed the location of this treasure as buried by a pirate. Too bad skin diving was not well known in those days as we might have discovered the treasure.

Well, such is life."

Diving for Treasure - The treasure which Curry had heard about was that of a Spanish ship named Sueco de Arizon which went aground off Duck Key and Walker Keys in 1733. Fifty pounds of coins, worth about $30,000, including ten perfect pillar dollars were recovered by skin divers in 1964 in ten feet of water. In an account of the discovery one of the salvors wrote,

" Before long we were piling up coins on the bottom . . ." Early on the writer spotted two Pillar Dollars stuck together. A rare coin, the Pillar was the first round milled dollar ever made in the New World. All were lost with the destruction of 1733 fleet. "They were in mint condition; the date 1732 looked as if minted yesterday . . ." By noontime the divers had found the last coin and the salvor reported " . . . a smile on everyone's face told it all. There would be enough treasure tales . . . . for years to come."

It is possible to free dive and observe the Spanish ship's egg-shaped ballast stones under which the treasure was found. Should you go diving and anyone asks, "Did you find treasure?" you can respond honestly, "Absolutely, we found Florida's Caribbean Island in the Keys", a treasure even landlubbers will recognize as paradise. 


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