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This website offers detailed information on sunset celebrations in the tropical Florida Keys and Key West in Monroe County, Florida.

In addition to providing information on the celebration of sunset festival events, the site also provides links to advice on taking photographs of the setting sun and provides a scoring system for rating sunsets to make your celebrations more enjoyable.


Go to sunset rituals and sunset celebrations to find out why such rituals are a part of Key West and island living and a cause for such celebrations.


Where do visitors and residents go to participate in this Florida Keys ritual? Opinions vary and everyone seems to have their own favorite.

While watching sunsets is universal , sunset celebrations with nightly entertainment seems to be unique to the Keys. Some visitors believe that the preferred place for viewing celebrations and sunset rituals is Mallory Square dock in Key West . Crowds of people gather each night to see nature perform and watch entertainers called "buskers" who juggle, eat fire, tell fortunes, read palms, and direct trained cats to jump threw a ring of fire. Each night the Mallory Square and neighboring resort Hilton and Hyatt Inn walk areas turn into a stage for local residents and visitors to watch the ever changing array of acts and performers.

Other Key West visitors prefer to watch nature perform by itself . They go to the Pier House upper decks or ride the elevator to the top of the La Concha Hotel to watch the sun set over Key West.

There are many popular places throughout the Keys that people favor for watching sunsets. In Islamorada visitors travel to Morada Bay and its white sandy beach or the upper deck of Wide World Sportsman as the place to celebrate and make the happening a festival. Key Largo, the Upper Keys, Marathon and the Middle Keys , the Lower Keys and Key West have dozens of spots people frequent to participate in this Keys' ritual.

Some participants in this ritual choose the company of friends and the solitude of a boat on the bay. Still others will find themselves watching from the side of the road or one of the bridges along the Overseas Highway when the sun performs it evening ritual.

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Find out how to add more fun to this ritual and make your celebration a memorable one.

Make a hotel or motel reservation through this website, then send e-mail us to get free copies of our Sunset Scorecard to be used in celebrations for rating the tropical setting sun in the Keys and Key West. Perhaps you'll be lucky, see a green flash, and never err in matters of love. Our pages explain what a green flash is and provide you with green flash links and pictures for the viewer to see.

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Follow our links to advice on taking photographs of sunsets in the Florida Keys, Key West and elsewhere.

Don't want to get to your viewing destination late. Try a link which computes the time the sun sets. You'll also find out about shareware for calculating sunrise, sunsets, and twilight times for worldwide locations.

Have friends that weren't able to join you in the Florida Keys and Key West. Send you friends a Sunset Card? We have several links for that plus a link so a picture of the setting sun can be e-mailed to you or them every day.

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Visitors come to the Florida Keys to experience the only Caribbean islands accessible by car and the magic of an island sunset celebration. Sun loving vacationers benefit from a tropical climate and an average annual air temperature of 75 degree. They worship the sun during the day and participate in the sunset rituals at night.

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